• Desserts

    Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

    “Turtle” is my favorite flavor.  Is turtle a flavor? That classic chocolate, pecan, and caramel combination…. Mmm…. As far as candy goes, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has my favorite version.  They have these big dark chocolate things filled with pecans and gooey caramel–just the right amount of gooey, not so soft that the caramel just drips out like the turtle things at the grocery store, and not too hard that it hurts your jaw to chew.  I LOVE them.  They’re my favorite. As far as turtle cookies go, THESE are the best.  These cookies are fantastic.  It’s a dark chocolate cookie–a really good, rich one, with lots of chocolate flavor–covered…

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  • Make Ahead Breakfasts

    Make-Ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

    Breakfasts at our house are a struggle.  Before I had Leah, I had a few minutes to make a quick breakfast and take it with me to work.  Now, breakfasts always seem to be in a rush.  There’s about a 2 minute window before Leah starts screaming, either to be fed if I try to make our breakfasts at the same time, or to be taken out of her high chair if I try to make mine after. But breakfast is important to me, so I look for quick alternatives.  I find that eating a good amount of protein at breakfast sets me up for a better day of eating.…

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  • Soups and Sides

    Parmesan Zucchini Wedges

    I love zucchini.  I love it in this amazing Summertime Primavera, I love it au gratin (thanks HomeChef!), and I really like zoodles.  One of these days I’ll show you how to make zucchini noodles that aren’t mushy and soggy, and that taste wonderful with some Italian meat sauce or with a lightened up version of Chicken Picatta (it was SO GOOD!). Lately, I love it breaded with panko and parmesan, then baked to perfection.  These things are good.  Have you ever ordered fried zucchini at a restaurant, and then dipped it in ranch? They’re that good.  Better, even, because they have a flavor other than oil!  We had these…

  • Soups and Sides

    Garlic Butter Croutons

    I have never successfully made croutons before this week. Which is a shame, really, because it’s so easy! You should know, I’m a crouton girl.  I’ve been known to just eat the packet of croutons from the salad, or grab a handful straight from the bag on occasion.   Ali from Gimme Some Oven (which is my favorite food blog, so please check her out) posted a basic crouton recipe this week, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head!  So on Sunday night, in the middle of watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix with Brent, we took the half of a day-old baguette we had sitting on…

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  • Dinners,  Soups and Sides

    Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup

    Growing up, I wasn’t a big fan of tomato soup.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was more that I never really tried it.  As I got older, I tried a few tomato basil soups at restaurants, but honestly, most of the time it just tasted like they had given me a bowl of spaghetti sauce. (I’m looking at you, Noodles & Company.) And then, about a year ago, I found this Easy Roasted Tomato Basil Soup from Layla at Gimme Delicious.  Everything changed.  I had tried a few recipes before, but Layla had found the secret. Do you want to hear the secret?  The roasted tomatoes are amazing…

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  • Easy Lunches

    Chicken BLT Wrap with Chipotle Ranch

    I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last few months of healthy eating.  First, balance.  Momma needs her chocolate!  That’s for another post.  Second, to feel full and satisfied, I need my meals to have lots of protein, veggies, and complex carbs.  After 10 days of dentist-ordered soft foods (which I obeyed about 50% of the time), I was sick of soup and ready for something substantial.  Enter chicken wraps. These Chicken Wraps hit all of my necessary boxes: they’re delicious.  They use this really yummy Chipotle Ranch my husband requested. They have a LOT of protein (53 g per wrap).  They have a good amount of vegetables.  They’ve…

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  • Dressings and Dips

    Quick and Light Chipotle Ranch

    When we were planning our meals this week, my husband specifically requested we make Chipotle Ranch Dressing.  He’s a huge fan of chipotle flavor!  He adds it to everything–and the longer we’re married, the more I find myself adding chipotle powder to things like mac and cheese, potato soup… creamy things can usually use some extra zing! I already knew I was planning on making Chicken BLT Wraps this week, and they needed an extra boost of flavor, so this dressing was a no brainer. This quick, easy recipe comes together in seconds!  It was absolutely divine on my Chicken BLT Wrap, and we’re planning on having it with pork tacos…

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